25 facts about me !!!

imageHelllllllloooooooo yass I’m finally blogging about the 25 facts about me.Ok so I have wanted to do this for ages so here goes I guess


  1. My real name is Vikki mc garvey
  2. I am age 11
  3. I have broke my arm once
  4. YouTube is my life
  5. I love reading
  6. pizza  is my favourite food
  7. zoella  is my inspiration
  8. I write these blogs on an I pad mini
  9. I have a sister and a brother
  10. I dislike them both ( very much )
  11. I play Gaelic football ( look it up )
  12. my team are called Badoney ladies
  13. I have soooooo many cousins
  14. I like diys but I could never do them …..I’m terrible
  15. my lips are constantly chapped
  16. I love makeup
  17. I would say I’m half tomboy half girly girl
  18. I am not funny at alllllllll
  19. i love baby’s they are soo cute
  20. this is starting to get hard
  21. ok umm on a recent test I got the highest grade  an a
  22. I’m from Northern Ireland
  23. i love dogs but I haven’t got one yet though I’m getting one soon
  24. i was born on the 19th of July
  25. my hobbies are singing acting and YouTube ( if that’s a hobby ).     I hope you enjoy this blog xx with love Vikki xxx

Dress picking dilemma

Picking a dress is a whole bunch of stress ( you see what I did there lol)  there are just way to many seriously.You go onto asos,new look ,blah blah blah blah blah like seriously  and if we do buy them and they aren’t right it takes ages to get a refund !!! Ahhhh I just want the perfect dress and when I see it there usually isn’t one in my size now isn’t that just what everyone needs . The perfect places to look have to be tumblr right you think that but nah cuz the ones up there are usually like five hundred pounds /$/€ yup so I like to go onto google images ( well how on earth is that gonna help you vikki cuz when you see the perfect dress you have to search even more duuuuh) no you are wrong very wrong it basically gives you lots of inspiration before you go searching of what you like ……. And if you find the dress you can just click the link and find it. And remember never give up because the perfect dress is out there somewhere  just keep searching xxxxx with love Vikki time for emoji of the blog 👗Congrats lol



so I would first of all like to take the chance too thank my first follower Olivia hart love you lots. I think we all get depressed about school ,here where I live ( Northern Ireland ) we do something called the transfer test  where basically you go into a grammar school and do a test ….it was really nerve racking on the day and of course I was dreading the results so when the day finally came I was over the moon about it I got an A ( the highest mark ) a lot of my friends did not do well at all but I don’t think they cared that much too be honest because they wanted to go to a different school anyway. So I’m going o secondary school all by myself 😭 I’m sure I will make friends soon though sorry I didn’t add pics love you all lots…With love Vikki xx

Being real

So this is my first ever post and I am going too be totally real with you guys. I believe that being real means expressing my opinion,making my own decisions and being pretty much unique. It’s easy to get lost and too not know what to do but if you look into your heart you can find the answer. Up there that’s me yeah I’m not perfect nobody is but I will try to be totally honest with you guys totally honest. This blog will consist of whatever I feel like because I’m pretty random so please leave comment love u al xxx