25 facts about me !!!

imageHelllllllloooooooo yass I’m finally blogging about the 25 facts about me.Ok so I have wanted to do this for ages so here goes I guess


  1. My real name is Vikki mc garvey
  2. I am age 11
  3. I have broke my arm once
  4. YouTube is my life
  5. I love reading
  6. pizza  is my favourite food
  7. zoella  is my inspiration
  8. I write these blogs on an I pad mini
  9. I have a sister and a brother
  10. I dislike them both ( very much )
  11. I play Gaelic football ( look it up )
  12. my team are called Badoney ladies
  13. I have soooooo many cousins
  14. I like diys but I could never do them …..I’m terrible
  15. my lips are constantly chapped
  16. I love makeup
  17. I would say I’m half tomboy half girly girl
  18. I am not funny at alllllllll
  19. i love baby’s they are soo cute
  20. this is starting to get hard
  21. ok umm on a recent test I got the highest grade  an a
  22. I’m from Northern Ireland
  23. i love dogs but I haven’t got one yet though I’m getting one soon
  24. i was born on the 19th of July
  25. my hobbies are singing acting and YouTube ( if that’s a hobby ).     I hope you enjoy this blog xx with love Vikki xxx

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