Dress picking dilemma

Picking a dress is a whole bunch of stress ( you see what I did there lol)  there are just way to many seriously.You go onto asos,new look ,blah blah blah blah blah like seriously  and if we do buy them and they aren’t right it takes ages to get a refund !!! Ahhhh I just want the perfect dress and when I see it there usually isn’t one in my size now isn’t that just what everyone needs . The perfect places to look have to be tumblr right you think that but nah cuz the ones up there are usually like five hundred pounds /$/€ yup so I like to go onto google images ( well how on earth is that gonna help you vikki cuz when you see the perfect dress you have to search even more duuuuh) no you are wrong very wrong it basically gives you lots of inspiration before you go searching of what you like ……. And if you find the dress you can just click the link and find it. And remember never give up because the perfect dress is out there somewhere  just keep searching xxxxx with love Vikki time for emoji of the blog 👗Congrats lol



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